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Essential Safety Checks on your Van



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How to Choose the Right Van for the Job


Firstly, decide on the ideal payload for your van.  To do this, check the size, weight and volume of your load. Think about how the load will be accessed.  If you have a heavy load you may need a van fitted with a tailgate-lift.  Access...

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Can I Drive a Van?


Most of us at some time or other will be in a situation where we need to hire a van to move stuff that simply will not fit into our family car. When this happens you will be pleased to know that your normal UK Category B licence will cover you to...

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Van Rental for University Moves


Of course this is all very exciting for the carefree youngsters but a nightmare for the parents , wondering ‘how on earth’ they will get all the crockery, cooking utensils, bedding, computer, TV, sound system, furniture, books and clothes...

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Van Insurance Jargon Buster


Like all forms of insurance there is lots of jargon involved with van insurance, especially as vans are generally used in connection with a business. To help you know exactly what you’re getting with your policy...

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50% of Van Drivers are Unknowingly Overloading


The Research, which surveyed both fleet managers and van drivers, found that nearly half of UK businesses don’t monitor the weights of their company vehicles, and 53% of drivers don’t know their vehicle’s maximum load carrying capacity...

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Tips for Driving a Bigger Vehicle


From time to time we might need to hire a van either for business or domestic use, but if you have never driven a large vehicle before it can be quite intimidating and in certain situations extra care is needed to avoid...

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Top Tips for Washing Your Van!


The best way to keep your van looking good is to wash it weekly. Washing is the only effective way of removing surface contaminates which can seriously damage the van’s paintwork. However it is important to wash...

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What to Consider Before Hiring a Van


When hiring a van there are several things you should be considering, to ensure you are getting the right vehicle for your requirements...

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What Are The Issues With Using an Old Van for Work?


The average age of vans on UK roads is over seven years and like all vehicles they become more costly to run with age. Maintenance and repairs on vehicles can become a major expense for small businesses and can affect...

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10 Great Days Out in Cheshire!


Now the Spring is here and the weather is improving, family outings at the weekend are more appealing. The county of Cheshire, with its beautiful soft rolling countryside, has a wealth of places to visit for a fun-filled...

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Benefits of Renting a Van over Buying


Whether you are a small independent business or a large company, leasing or buying vehicles is a costly and time consuming commitment. That is why more and more businesses are deciding to rent vehicles that suit their...

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Easter holidays – Great days out in Manchester with the kids


The CBBC Tour at MediaCityUK (ages 6-11) -This is an exciting and interactive day out where children get to see behind the scenes at CBBC and have the chance to take part in their own television production. MediaCityUK is the home...

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Top 10 Places To Visit In And Around Stockport


  • Robinsons Brewery Visitors Centre- great for adult visitors. The tour is interesting and entertaining and at the end of the tour, the bar not only serves an excellent pint but great food at a reasonable price.» Read full article

    10 Worst and Safest Drivers By Profession


    To give you some comparison of the statistics, engineers, the top of the worst drivers list, were involved in 125,000 accidents in the last 12 months whereas administrators, the top of the safest drivers list, were involved in only 4,500 accidents...

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    Winter Driving - Safety Tips


    So far this winter has been very mild, but as we move into the New Year bad weather could be on its way. Bad weather conditions are a serious hazard for drivers and statistics show that the number of road traffic accidents...

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    Coping with Christmas Waste


    At Christmas time most households create a huge amount of waste which has to be got rid of in the New Year. We are not just referring to unused or unwanted food that has passed its best, but the empty bottles and cans...

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    Why Hire a Van to Visit Family Over Christmas?


    As the festive season approaches many of us will be planning trips to visit family and friend in different parts of the country and it could be the perfect time to consider hiring a bigger vehicle to get you around....

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    Take The Stress Out Of Christmas Shopping with 7 Ways Rental!


    Although this is a magical time of year, all the shopping trips for presents, food and drink and Christmas decorations can be stressful and time consuming, so wouldn’t...

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    Van Maintenance Checklist



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    Top Tips for Parking a Van


    Modern vans are much easier to drive than you might think – the models we use at 7 Ways Rental have good power-assisted steering and a small steering wheel  to make it easier to manoeuvre the van, however there is much...

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    4x4 Hire



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    How to Pack Large Items in a Van


    It is very exciting moving house but it can be time consuming and rather stressful. In particular, you may be worrying about how you will manage to move larger furniture or may be concerned about damaging items in the...

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    Renting a Short Wheel Base Van


    No matter what you require a van for – if you’re moving house, clearing out the garage, clearing the garden, or if you’ve just bought some new furniture you need to get home,- we’ll  have one that’ll do the job....

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    Back to University: Van Hire for Student Moves


    Although your son or daughter may well be under the legal age to hire a van, you can offer to drive them over to their ‘new home’. It will mean everything can go in one journey – saving you time and money on multiple trips. Also...

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    Bank Holiday Clear out


  • If you’re planning on making a few trips to the tip, then hiring a van can save you endless trips back and forth to get rid of your junk. With a range of van sizes to choose from you have the power to decide how much room you’ll need,...

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    Moving House? Think 7 Ways Rental!


    Once you’ve actually handed over the house and packed up all your belongings into boxes, moving house can be made even more confusing by trying to decide how you’re actually going to move everything….» Read full article

    Renting a Mini People Carrier


    When renting a Mini People Carrier, the Volkswagen Touran is one of the best options on offer. Notable advantages include a strong engine, 7-seater option and a roomy ride. Get in touch for more information on hiring this great...

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    Renting a Mini Van


    When a van is required on a much smaller scale, Mini Vans often prove to be a useful and popular choice for our customers. Their compact size makes them ideal for light commercial activity, allowing them to carry a moderate load whilst remaining easy...

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    Go Camping with 7 Ways Rental!


    Trying to cram luggage, camping equipment, sports kit and family members into the average family car can be nothing short of impossible.  Not to mention the hassle when you have to move bulky items in and out of the boot whenever you want to...

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    DVLA Licence Changes - How to Hire a Vehicle This Summer


    As of this week (8th June 2015) the DVLA will no longer be issuing the paper counterpart that accompanies all photocard driving licenses, and existing paper licenses...

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    7 Ways Rental Announces New Location!


    If you are unsure on what type of vehicle would be most suitable for your needs, just take a look at our fleet or get in touch with a friendly member of our team for further advice. Whether you are moving house, changing office...

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    Renting a Luton Van


    Luton Box Vans are made for carrying bulky loads, and the primary reason for renting one is to carry maximum volume. A Luton Van is the biggest van you are able to drive without having category C1 on your driving license.» Read full article

    Dangers of Overloading a Van


    Van drivers are increasingly at risk of being fined if their vehicle is found to be above the maximum permitted weight. The law now imposes a maximum penalty of £5,000 for each offence and you could find yourself personally liable.» Read full article

    Driving a Van Abroad


    When you hire with 7 Ways Rental you get the added benefit of being able to take your vehicle abroad, something which other companies don’t always offer...

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    DVLA License Changes - How Will it Affect You?


    Last year also saw the end of the paper tax disc, which was replaced by an electronic system back in October. It’s hoped that the drive to digitise motoring records will save taxpayers money and streamline the DVLA’s services.» Read full article

    Tips for Driving a Van Safely


    One of the most important checks you can make before setting off in a van is that all cargo doors are securely locked. While this might seem like an obvious thing to say, if you are carrying a big load and doors aren’t secured before setting...

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    Benefits of Hiring a Van for Stockport Removals


    For movers on a tight budget, hiring a van is without a doubt the most cost effective and efficient way to move your possessions. After making such a large purchase such as a new house or flat, most people simply don’t have the funds to throw...

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    Best Rentals Under £40 a day


    Last month we brought you ‘Best Rentals for Less Than £30 a Day’ but if you’re looking for a more reliable mid-price rental then check out our range of great deals – all for less than £...

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    Review And Win Winner!


    "Hired a transit van to move furniture.  7 Ways were fantastic as they accommodated me picking up the van on a Sunday morning ensuring that this hire was totally cost effective. Not like other van hire places were you have to take the van over...

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    Benefits of Using a Local Rental Company


    By renting with a small local business you are also helping to boost the local economy. Independently owned businesses use local suppliers, create local employment, and play a powerful part in helping the local economy thrive.» Read full article

    The Great New Year Getaway


    When it comes to getting away for a few days in January, you don’t have to break the bank for a trip to remember. There’s plenty going on within the UK’s own fair shores to make the New Year unforgettable. Forget the gym and forget...

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    Best Rentals for Less Than £30 a Day


    These vans will be ideal if you are moving out of a flat or apartment, making an Ikea trip or simply looking to clear out your garage. These vans offer a usefully sized load compartment while not being much bigger than a large car in size. They will...

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    Hire in Time for Christmas Shopping


    With so much choice on offer you won’t even have to leave the city to get everything you need for the festive season, which is a relief when there’s so much to do. Not only do you need to think about stocking up gifts for family and friends...

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    Beware of Car Hire Scams This Month


    The annual event first started in America but has since become a huge phenomenon in the UK. The event is held by retailers on the Friday after Thanksgiving and persuades shoppers to start their Christmas shopping early by dropping prices substantially...

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    Saving on Van Fuel Costs


    By driving at or below the speed limit, you can significantly improve the fuel efficiency of your van. Driving at high speed burns more fuel so take extra care on motorways – by driving at 70mph you could save 25% more fuel than if you drove...

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    Hire and Discover Heritage of Stockport


    Stockport is a large town situated between the urban city of Manchester and the Cheshire plains. The historic town has a long, rich history and its factories and museums have come to be some of the most unique tourist attractions in the North West...

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    Why Hiring a Van Makes Sense for Businesses


    3. When you buy a van you are stuck with the same model until the time comes to upgrade. You may even find that you require a different type of van for a certain job, meaning you are left with no choice but to turn down work. With 7 Ways Rental you...

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    Back to University with 7Ways Rental


    Britain is home to over 150 universities, and almost 2 million undergraduate students, meaning that when September comes around, the vast majority of them will be heading back to student digs for their start of the...

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    Tourists Facing Sky High Rental Costs


    Oslo took the top spot with a huge £614 charge for just a week’s hire, with other popular summer hot spots such as Majorca (£514), Split, Croatia (£509) and Faro in Portugal (£503) also found to be charging particularly...

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    Best Days Out in Stockport


    Regular attractions at the event include a selection of street food traders offering cheese, wood fired pizza, a barbecue and cakes, with a craft ale bar, and wine slates. Live entertainment is provided all evening by local musicians and comedians...

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    Move Students Home for Summer with 7 Ways Rental


    While you’re trying to cram in last minute coursework and projects, you’ve also got to think about how on earth you’re going to pack up and move everything you’ve accumulated over the last year.  So whether you’re...

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    Why Rent This Summer?


    The summer is officially upon us and while thousands of people will be looking to jump in their cars and escape to sunnier climates, many will be opting to risk the unpredictable British weather and explore what the...

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    Hire for Weekend Break


    According to research from Visit England, 52% of us took a short break here in Britain last year and as Brits spend less time abroad, reports from the ONS (Office of National Statistics) revealed that tourism day-visit expenditure by UK residents...

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    Van Hire for Stockport Businesses


    Stockport has become one of the best places in Greater Manchester to do business, and is home to a wide range of industries from start up companies trading locally to vast organisations, providing services all over...

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    Van Hire FAQ



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    Van Hire - A Size Guide


    These vans will be ideal if you are moving out of a flat or apartment, making an Ikea trip or simply looking to clear out your garage. These vans offer a usefully sized load compartment while not being much bigger than a large car in size. They will...

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    How to Avoid Getting Stung by Car Hire


    Even more worryingly, 5% of those questioned said that after returning the car, money was taken from their credit card without their knowledge to cover the additional charges.&...

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    A Guide to Moving House from 7 Ways


    Moving house is reportedly the third most stressful life event after death and divorce so don’t force yourself to unpack everything as soon as you move in. Take some time to relax with a cup of tea when your essentials are unpacked on moving day...

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    Practical Tips for Driving a Van


    For any 7 Ways Rental customer, hiring a van can be an extremely practical short term solution. Whether you are looking to take the kids stuff to university, or carrying out a large removals job, hiring a van is a cheap and hassle free option that...

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