How to Choose the Right Van for the Job


When you are considering hiring a van it is essential to choose the right van with the correct equipment for the job.

To ensure you make the most cost effective choice when renting out a vehicle consider the following things:-

The size of the load 

Firstly, decide on the ideal payload for your van.  To do this, check the size, weight and volume of your load. Think about how the load will be accessed.  If you have a heavy load you may need a van fitted with a tailgate-lift.  Access to the side of the van may also be important if you are delivering in towns. Generally, hire vans go up to a payload of 3.5 tonnes.

The space required

Vans have three different sizes of wheelbases -Short wheelbase, Medium wheelbase, Long wheelbase. The wheelbase is the distance between the front and rear axles which has a big impact on the length and therefore the capacity of a van. Basically, the wheelbase length determines the storage capacity of the van. However it is important to remember that the longer the wheel base the harder it is to manoeuvre the van.

Type of journey

Will you be using the van in an urban area or are you going a longer distance using motorways? For short urban trips a smaller more manoeuvrable vehicle will be more practical whereas vans on longer trips need to be more fuel efficient. Generally the smallest van to do the job will be the most fuel efficient. A diesel-fuelled vehicle may be a good choice for longer distances but for short distances use a petrol-fuelled van.


When using the van, will there be any passengers in the vehicle and if so, how many? The cab size will determine the number of passengers that will be permitted to travel.

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