Benefits of Renting a Van over Buying


Whether you are a small independent business or a large company, leasing or buying vehicles is a costly and time consuming commitment. That is why more and more businesses are deciding to rent vehicles that suit their requirements when they need them. Here are some benefits to consider:

No long-term contracts

Leasing contracts can be very demanding and requires a long term commitment. Whereas, when you hire a vehicle the contract is short term and you are in control of how long you need the vehicle for.

Cost effective

Renting provides your business with greater flexibility, especially if your business is seasonal. As all vehicles are rented out on a daily basis you only pay for what you use and need, which will save your company unnecessary costs and expenses.

More options

Renting will give you a larger range of vehicles to choose from to suit your motoring requirements. Some vehicles are very costly to lease over a long period but a short term rental of the same vehicle maybe more affordable.

Vehicles tailored to your business

Whatever type of business you run there will be times when you need an executive car and other times a large box van or a small van. Hiring gives you the flexibility to have the right type of vehicle at the right time to cover your varying requirements hassle free.

Benefits for the public sector

Renting can also be an advantage to public sector businesses too. In this age of cost cutting and accountability, the transparency of hiring vehicles only when necessary is desirable.

At 7 Ways Rental we are committed to providing a first class service 7 days a week. All our vehicles are serviced and well maintained, we offer a door to door service, and vehicles can be rented for any length of time from 1 day to 4 years.

We have a great range of vehicles to suit all types of businesses at very competitive prices.  

More and more people are hiring vehicles for when they need one, rather than paying for a vehicle when it’s not in use.

 Next time you need to hire a vehicle ring our sales team on 0161 440 0009

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