What Are The Issues With Using an Old Van for Work?


The average age of vans on UK roads is over seven years and like all vehicles they become more costly to run with age. Maintenance and repairs on vehicles can become a major expense for small businesses and can affect its efficient running.

However it is not just the running cost that is an issue with having an old van for work. Research by Populus indicates that two-thirds of consumers would, at least partly, base their decision to employ a tradesman on the condition of their vehicles.

Therefore the appearance of your vehicles can affect the perceptions that the public have of your company.

Basically, a vehicle is advertising collateral for a business. In the same way a salesman’s attire reflects his approach to work and business, a van’s appearance indicates to current and prospective customers what they can expect from a company.

The fact that vans can be driven anywhere at any time means that promotion is in effect 24/7, which on one hand provides a mobile advertising space, but on the other means your van is constantly in the spotlight.

A van that is old, dirty or damaged not only gives a negative perception of your business locally but in this modern age of social media, the established trend of sharing images of dirty vans with writing on the back between friends, quickly damages your business reputation on a grander scale.

So, if your old fleet of vans is starting to look a little worse for wear and is costing you money, why not find out more about long-term rental or leasing. It could play a huge role in improving your business reputation and in the long run increase your profit margins.

 At 7 Ways Rental we can provide your business with a modern, attractive fleet from our extensive range of vehicles that are all available at competitive hire rates. If you open a business account you will receive up to 58 days credit and you can change/update the vehicles as often as you like with leases that run for 1 day up to 4 years.

For more information contact 7 Ways Rental on 0161 440 0009

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