Renting a Short Wheel Base Van


If you’re looking for a medium-sized van that’s not too huge but big enough to transport furniture or any other belongings, then our Short Wheel Base Vans could be just what you need.

Short Wheel Base Vans for personal use

No matter what you require a van for – if you’re moving house, clearing out the garage, clearing the garden, or if you’ve just bought some new furniture you need to get home,- we’ll  have one that’ll do the job. There’s no need to struggle, hire one of our Short Wheel Base Vans

If you’re after convenience and a company you can rely on, look no further than 7 Ways Rental.

Short Wheel Base Vans for business

There could be many reasons why your business might unexpectantly need an extra set of wheels, and when that happens your business could really benefit from hiring a van from us. We are open 7 days a week, offer a delivery and collection service and up to 56 days credit.

If your business needs an extra van to pick up or transport smaller items of furniture or stock, our vans at 7 Ways Rental could provide the solution to your problems.

Our Short Wheel Base Vans

Our Short Wheel Base Vans are efficient and dependable. All vans have regular checks and a full service history, so it is very unlikely to let you down.

We use a range of models, but our Short Wheel Base Van fleet consists of Ford Transits, which are medium sized vans that are big enough to deliver almost anything and perfect for all round use.

Whether you want to hire a van for a daily rental or long term, the Ford Transit SWB van is a great choice.

At 7 Ways Rental our Short Wheel Base Vans are currently priced at £29.14 per day.

More and more people are hiring vehicles for when they need one and not paying for it while they don’t need it.

So the very next time you need to hire a vehicle ring our sales team on 0161 440 0009   

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