A Guide to Moving House from 7 Ways


For DIY removals, it is vital that you start by hiring the right van.

Many 7 Ways customers use our van rental service for moving house as we offer a wide range of vehicles big or small enough to suit any purpose.

Moving is no easy task. It takes time, preparation and planning to pack your life into a van and move into your new home, but with our simple guide, your move should go as smoothly and as stress free as possible.

Choosing Your Van

If you have never rented a van before, arranging a rental vehicle for a house move can be a bit confusing.

When choosing the right van for you, 7 Ways Rental will be able to advise you based on your requirements, and help you choose an appropriate sized vehicle for your needs.

Before You Move

Planning is crucial so you’ll need to think about the following things well in advance.

Moving Day

Finally, our best tip is to take the move one step at a time.

Moving house is reportedly the third most stressful life event after death and divorce so don’t force yourself to unpack everything as soon as you move in. Take some time to relax with a cup of tea when your essentials are unpacked on moving day, and worry about the rest tomorrow!

For any other information on how we can help you on your moving day contact us at 7 Ways Rental today!

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