DVLA Licence Changes - How to Hire a Vehicle This Summer


As of this week (8th June 2015) the DVLA will no longer be issuing the paper counterpart that accompanies all photocard driving licenses, and existing paper licenses will become invalid.

In a similar fashion to the tax disc, which was replaced by an electronic system last October, information from the old style paper license such as penalty points and driving convictions will now be stored in an online database. 

While the DVLA is promising that the new system will save taxpayers money, the changes have raised a number of issues for drivers looking to hire a vehicle this summer.

In previous years, drivers have been required to show their paper license to the rental company before hiring a car, so they could check for bans or points, but from today this will be done online, by phone or through the post. 

Drivers who want to rent a vehicle will now need to log onto the DVLA website https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence and enter their driving license number, National Insurance number and postcode in order to obtain a unique passcode. This passcode is then passed onto the rental company who will then be able to check for any offences. 

As the passcode is only valid for 72 hours, it is advised that drivers do this at least a day before collection.

Unfortunately, as the systems switches it’s likely that there will be headaches for many drivers renting a vehicle this summer. Most people are still unaware of the new system, and the inflexibility of having to apply for a code within such a short time frame is likely to cause further disruption.

If you are thinking about renting this year, the responsibility of obtaining a passcode before you hire is up to you.

If you would like more information on the license changes, 7 Ways Rental are available 7 days a week should you need to get in touch with a member of our team.

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