Why Hiring a Van Makes Sense for Businesses


Businesses use vans for a variety of different reasons, but did you know it could actually prove more beneficial to hire a van than to buy one?

For businesses that need extra transport quickly, van hire can be an incredibly flexible and economical solution.

Take a look at the following reasons why hiring a van could make sense for your business…

1. When you hire a van you are freeing up capital that would have otherwise been used to buy a new or second hand van. You could then use this to purchase additional stock or make investments elsewhere in your business. 

2. Selling a van on can be a real headache when you’ve purchased it due to depreciation, but when you hire a van you do not have to worry about this at all. Simply hand the keys back to 7 Ways Rental when you are done.

3. When you buy a van you are stuck with the same model until the time comes to upgrade. You may even find that you require a different type of van for a certain job, meaning you are left with no choice but to turn down work. With 7 Ways Rental you have a whole fleet of vehicles at your disposal, and can rent a vehicle that suits your needs, if and when required.

4. When you own a van, costs can add up and become expensive. Expenditure such as servicing, MOT’s, road tax, breakdown cover and maintenance costs are all your responsibility but when you rent with 7 Ways Rental we will ensure your vehicle is road worthy and fit for use. You will not have to worry about huge administration costs, as they will all taken care of for you.

At 7 Ways Rental we understand that all businesses work hard for their money and value the profits that they make. We also understand that transportation is a must, and van hire is the best way to save money whilst having the option to choose from a great range of vehicles to suit your business.

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