How to Pack Large Items in a Van


It is very exciting moving house but it can be time consuming and rather stressful. In particular, you may be worrying about how you will manage to move larger furniture or may be concerned about damaging items in the process.

If you follow our ten top tips, we are sure you can successfully transport all your large items from one location to the other.

1 Get Help - ask family, friends and neighbours to lend you a hand.

2. Clear a pathway - before moving any items make sure that there are no wires, boxes or furniture in the way that you might trip over.

3. Look out for plugs, light switches, wall hooks that may get in the way or damage items as you carry them out.

4. Dismantle large items like beds and wardrobes before removal day to save time and for ease of carrying on the day.

5. Always have at least 2 people to lift heavy or large items.

6. Lift large items careful and move slowly to avoid hurting your back and damage to the furniture. Put down items and rest regularly if any item is very heavy.

7. Remove doors if you are struggling to fit some items through the doorway, to make more room for manoeuvring.

8. Avoid dragging items along the floor as this could damage the floor and the item.

9. Bubble wrap fragile items like glass ware and china and pack carefully in boxes. Don’t overload boxes as this might crush fragile items.

10. Chest of drawers and dressers - remove the drawers and load separately into the van. This can save time on packing up the contents of the drawer.

We hope these tips will help you, and make your moving day a whole lot easier.

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