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Britain is home to over 150 universities, and almost 2 million undergraduate students, meaning that when September comes around, the vast majority of them will be heading back to student digs for their start of the upcoming year.

As Fresher’s surge into university towns up and down the country, the van hire industry is also feeling the rush as parents and students realise the family car is just not big enough.

5 Reasons to Hire a Van

1.Reduce anxiety

Moving to University can be a stressful and nervous time for any young adult, and the last thing you want to do is add to their anxiety. Hiring a van takes away the added stress of fitting everything in the car, ensuring no essentials get left behind. 


An overloaded car on a long journey isn’t a good combination, and you could put your car at risk of a puncture or breakdown, especially if you’re driving an older car. Keep your vehicle and family safe by hiring a van to take on the heavy load. 

3.Reduce wear & tear

Shifting big suitcases and bits of furniture in and out of your car can add to visible wear and tear in and around the vehicle. Don’t risk the future resale value of your car by using it as a van. 

4.Share the cost

Students travelling to and from the same area can nominate someone to drive and split the cost of van hire. Not only does this make it much more cost effective, it will also cut traffic congestion around the university. If you have ever tried to park outside halls of residence on moving in day, you will know that this is a major plus!

5.Downsize your car

If all your children have moved out, you may be hanging onto a bigger car than you need to for the sake of university trips. Save money by switching to a smaller, more economical car and hire a van for when the occasional big trip comes along.

7 Ways Rental is conveniently located in Stockport - close enough for you to travel to many major university towns such as Manchester, Salford, Leeds and Sheffield. When you hire a van from 7 Ways Rental you will benefit from our flexible service and great range of vehicles. 

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