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At 7 Ways Rental we know there’s always lots going on in Stockport, so why not hire a vehicle and experience the cultural and heritage attractions that the borough has to offer.

Stockport is a large town situated between the urban city of Manchester and the Cheshire plains. The historic town has a long, rich history and its factories and museums have come to be some of the most unique tourist attractions in the North West.

Visitors to Stockport can discover the borough through a historical journey, whether it’s a trip to the Air Raid Shelters to experience wartime Britain, Stockport’s oldest townhouse, Staircase House or the award winning Hat Works. The old factory is the only museum in the UK entirely dedicated to the hatting industry. Located in Wellington Mill, the museum welcomes visitors to take a journey through the history of Stockport’s famous hatting industry, with an extensive collection of hats from around the world along with the restored Victorian style machines.

The Grade II listed Stockport Plaza was once one of the most luxurious cinemas of the 1930’s. It has since been restored to its art-deco glory and is the last surviving venue of its kind, operating in its original format. Today you can visit the Plaza for cinema screenings and live shows. 

Stockport Town Hall or ‘The Wedding Cake’ as it’s sometimes referred to, is another key landmark for the borough. Known for its striking white limestone exterior, the Town Hall boasts a grand ballroom, marble staircase and the UK’s largest Wurlitzer Organ. Facing the Town Hall is Stockport Art Gallery, a well-known architectural landmark which displays the best of local art as well as paintings and sculptures of local and national importance.

Other popular landmarks include the Stockport viaduct, one of Europe’s largest brick structures. The 111ft high viaduct often tops polls as the number one Stockport icon and its 27 brick arches still carry trains from Manchester to Birmingham and London.

Today, Stockport has become home to a vibrant and diverse community, modern shopping facilities, bustling visitor attractions and stunning countryside.

So why not explore this friendly and fascinating town with a 7 Ways Rental?

Conveniently located in the borough, we have the flexibility to suit your needs, so the very next time you visit Stockport don’t forget to contact the 7 Ways Rental sales team on 0845 257 0242.

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