Essential Safety Checks on your Van


To ensure your van stays in good working order it is essential to carry out a few basics checks regularly and some things you should do every time the van is taken out, to keep you and other road users safe.

Here are our tips to maintain your vehicle in tip top road worthy condition:

Carry out these basic checks every time you use the vehicle

  1. Check the seating is secure and that the seat belts function properly.
  2. Check the horn, steering and brakes.
  3. Check that all lights work - That means indicators, brake lights, reversing lights, fog lights as well as road lights.
  4. Check all warning lights are operating
  5. Align rear view and wing mirrors and check they are clean
  6. The windscreen should be clean and check the wiper blades work efficiently. 

Regularly walk around the van to check the body work and get any necessary repairs carried out as soon as possible

  1. Look for damaged or loose panels and sharp edges
  2. Check that all doors shut securely


The following should be checked out every 1-2 weeks

  1. Check that fluid levels are correct in the
    1. fuel tank
    2. windscreen washer bottle
    3. battery
    4. brake fluid,
    5. engine coolant,
    6. engine oil,
    7. power steering fluid
    8. Ensure there are no fluid- or oil-leaks and that the fuel filler cap is securely fitted. 
  1. Check the tyres are road worthy and not showing signs of wear. Unsafe or illegal tyres can result in receiving three penalty points on your licence per tyre.
  2. Check the tyre pressure is correct
  3. Know the maximum pay load for the vehicle and do not over load it

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