Best Rentals for Less Than £30 a Day


Most of us are suffering from the Christmas overspend so when it comes to hiring a vehicle it makes sense that you get the best deal possible.

At 7 Ways Rental we believe hiring a car should be a stress free and simple process so we strive to offer our customers an extensive range of vehicles at the best price possible.

If you’re looking to rent a vehicle without breaking the bank this month then check out our range of great deals – all for a budget busting, less than £30 a day!

Ford Focus (From £29.50 a day)

The Ford Focus is the perfect car to hire for family trips out. The mid size vehicle offers good long distance comfort, huge choice and plenty of driver enjoyment. 

Ford Transit SWB (From £29.14 a day)

A short wheel base van is suited to most small jobs.

These vans will be ideal if you are moving out of a flat or apartment, making an Ikea trip or simply looking to clear out your garage. These vans offer a usefully sized load compartment while not being much bigger than a large car in size. They will comfortably fit smaller items of furniture, washing machines, or boxes of goods. If this sounds like the right size for you then consider the Ford Transit SWB (or similar).

Ford Mondeo (From £27.50 a day)

Estate Car Vehicle - The Ford Mondeo is a large, practical family car, which provides plenty of room for its passengers. Great if you’re looking for comfort, space and an enjoyable drive on a long journey.

Ford Fiesta (From £24 a day)

Small budget car with air con – Named Britain’s best selling car, the Ford Fiesta is popular choice on the roads. The Fiesta offers a great mix of economy, space and driving pleasure.

Mini Van – (From £19.86 a day)

A mini van is perfect for small, one off trips.

Efficient and compact, a mini van is a great solution if you aren’t planning on carrying a large load. Optimal for moving kids to and from university or even just doing a weekend car boot sale. We suggest the deceptively spacious Renault Kangoo

Fiat Panda (From £15.57 a day)

Small budget car, 3 doors, radio cassette – The Fiat Panda is a practical and cheap to run city car. Small and light, the Panda is appealing to drive, looks fantastic and has plenty of room for four.

Managers Special (£14.14 a day)

Drive one of our sign written vehicles for £99 per week all in!!

If you have any questions or are looking to hire one of our budget rental vehicles, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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