Renting a Luton Van


What is a Luton Van?

A Luton Box is a Long Wheelbase Van with a large box fitted on the back. Luton Boxes typically have hydraulic tail lifts, which can be useful when you’re shifting heavy items or moving house.

A standard Luton Van has 3 doors, 3 seats and an approximate loading capacity of 600 cubic feet.

Luton Box Vans are made for carrying bulky loads, and the primary reason for renting one is to carry maximum volume. A Luton Van is the biggest van you are able to drive without having category C1 on your driving license. 

Suitable uses

Luton Box Vans are most popular amongst customers looking to move house. Due to the size and shape of its box, a Luton Van offers a flexible space to accommodate your possessions, both big and small.

Luton Vans are all equipped with tail lifts, making them ideal for moving heavy furniture and sizeable objects such as pianos and white goods. 

(Don’t forget to add on one of our sack trucks to help with your move!)

Luton Box Vans are extremely flexible and can be suitable for removals, house clearances, and any other similar applications. 

How much does it cost?

You can rent a Luton Van with 7 Ways Rental from as little as £55 a day. Optional extras are priced individually by day. You may want to consider adding:

If you have any questions for a member of our team or are looking to hire a Luton Van, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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