Coping with Christmas Waste


At Christmas time most households create a huge amount of waste which has to be got rid of in the New Year. We are not just referring to unused or unwanted food that has passed its best, but the empty bottles and cans from the festive celebrations and the paper and card from all the packaging on Christmas presents. Most of this stuff can be recycled but the sheer quantity of waste is overwhelming. Also after January 6th when all the Christmas decorations come down there is the Christmas tree, the cards and the paper and floral decorations that have to be disposed of.

To give you some idea of the quantities we are talking about, here are some statistics about the volume of waste produced in the UK each year

Of course much of the rubbish could be taken away by the Council Waste Disposal and Recycling services, but in recent years many Councils have reduced the collections to fortnightly or even monthly. Which means most of us will take the waste to the Recycling Centre ourselves.

Wouldn’t it be great if all the rubbish could be disposed of in one go?

Why not hire a van?

With a van everything you need to get rid of can go in one trip to the Recycling Centre. Plus it avoids messing up the boot of your car with pine needles from the tree and the dregs from the wine and beer bottles.

At 7 Ways Rental we have a variety of small and medium sized vans available to hire at very competitive daily rates.

To find out more call 7 Ways Rental and speak to one of our friendly sales team on 0161 440 0009

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